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Automobile...Subject and Canvas. #1
by shutter451 on November 29, 2003
This is a series of abstract images I created in 2003, and previously posted at Fotolog. I hope you find something to enjoy in this series.

All images are copyrighted to me, James L. Aho.

hey jim, nice havin u here 2!
welcum 2 fotolalala :p

sweeet car D-tail as usual!
patisfaction - Dec 07, 2003

That's the very first photo I've seen in your log, and it got me hooked instantly. I still love it!
pandarine - Dec 09, 2003

this is incredible. if patisfactin hadn't said it was a car, i'd still be trying to figure out what it is. you're good!!
theyoush - Dec 14, 2003

or i guess i could've read your title!! duh.
theyoush - Dec 14, 2003