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Untitled 2004-Jan-06
by shutter451 on January 6, 2004

Superb composition! :)
sunartique - Jan 27, 2004

your farewell text in fotolog was quite impressive! - in most of the things you were right! - hope to see your pics in futer at liest here - or what ever you are planing! - it's true about the teenager's pics, there's entiering mount of them, too much and they are so frusttraiting. - keep in touch!
Max_maximil - Jan 31, 2004

You took a courageous decision there on fotolog. I hope it makes the admin of the site wake up that all is not well. I notice that your last image has also now gone - I'd be interested to know if it was you or fotolog admin that took the page down, but do not expect a reply on this point. I'd also be happy if you could add my email added to the list you were compiling: [email protected]
jimsk - Feb 01, 2004