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Summer's fotola
main image
by simptar on June 30, 2004
Minha fotinha alterada no Photoshop...
2005 simptar, all rights reserved

((SomE PhotoGraPherS dO NoT aPPreciatE the BeautY anD trUe ArtistRY of a Pic ThaT Has been "ComputerizED" in /with/ PS

Pho ShO does the Mathematical Arranging of the PixelS But the ArtisT haS to Tell the Program where and with what to start with.....

anD most impt when "enough IS Enough"

When to Stop the Effects and which ones to Amplify etC
this is REaLLy an aRT forM foR /of the New Millenium

CongratS YHou are ?VerY gooD

SincerelY OBdaDA.............

I think this reminds me of some of VanGogh's worK,,,,,,,
G00D LucK={inTHEwiLLoFG_D}
bin_dada - Jun 30, 2004

Hehe, é o chão da minha casa!
Patrícia - Jul 08, 2004