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Leylach's fotola
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by sissel on September 21, 2003
©2003 sissel
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It's a Electric Light Orchestra.
what a so cool. very artistic.
hyatt - Sep 22, 2003

yurik3ns - Sep 22, 2003

These night shots of the Tivoli are really cool! I can practically hear the sounds of a carnival!
digijano - Sep 22, 2003

Great, lovely motion lights!!! Really great
elabducido - Sep 22, 2003

Excellent play with light. I really love the blur. I haven't tried shots like this, but it makes me want to!
mavrik - Sep 23, 2003

very cool!
fabiz - Dec 06, 2003

Excellent shot! I like very much this kind of photo
divor - Nov 05, 2004

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