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under the milky way tonight
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The Gates
by smacksack on February 12, 2005
©2004 smacksack
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This is an interesting photo for the way it was made and the vibrant color!
circe - Feb 12, 2005

such different light than sunday, i wonder what monday in the rain will be like
animus - Feb 14, 2005

different thanks!
inthegan - Feb 15, 2005

i also have a lot of pictures of The Gates. The exhibit was interesting and the pictures came out amazing.
kiddup - Feb 17, 2005

Interesting, yes... impressive, no. Color contrast was good to me, but that was about it. Call me gauche.
smacksack - Feb 17, 2005

i think it might have been so good to be there, and these colours contrast are so beautiful, so lively.
serial_me - Feb 23, 2005

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