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by watermark on February 28, 2006
the water is so cold, it's enough to turn anyone green!

is it real ?
the duck, i mean.
seems a decoy
serial_me - Mar 01, 2006

Re: I do not know "frigate birds", but the meaning of the name of these birds you wrote sugests that this is right. In portuguese the name of these birds is "gaivotas", the dictionary translation is "seagull".

By the way, nice work in your fotola.


sobreiro - Mar 02, 2006

andreu - Mar 02, 2006

I don`t agree with my friend Sobreiro, in portuguese these birds are called of "patos ", "gaivota" or seagull are another kind of birds.
Any way they are very beautiful!
flora_b - Mar 07, 2006

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