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by watermark on August 26, 2009

hello watermark !
yes, we are aging and there's no way out... so what ?
try not FEELING old, hehe..
see you
serial_mami - Aug 27, 2009

Re: Your recent comment about my OBVIOUS youthful stature!

Yeah, if it weren't for:
1) The arthritus in BOTH my hands.
2) That occasional Lower Lumbar vertebrae acting up, feeling like a sharp knife stab.
3) That hair issue. Hair?
4) That feeling as if I was developing a HERNIA.
5) That arthroscopic knee surgery that still results in a little popping now and then.
6) The teeth...OH, THE POOR TEETH!!!
and lastly,
7) My recent wrestling match with the table saw that leaves me with a pinky looking like a thumb...

I'd swear I look and feel like a thirty something....heh, heh.
ridingduo - Aug 27, 2009

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