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10 PM
by animus on September 8, 2004


12 hours later, the building has shifted to the left an additional 3 feet, but the show must go on and this doesn't stop the deitch opening (though one of his galleries is next door to the falling building and has been evacuated since this morning)

a little surreal, the trendy soho opening against the backdrop of impending disaster.

at this moment, 10 huge truckloads of sand are being dumped into the "construction site" to the left of the building in an attempt to shore up the foundation. the activity of the back hoe is causing our building (one section of which has been evacuated) to tremble and shake, it's a bit unnerving.
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oh babe...
you know i love this

did you spit on them?
plus2 - Sep 08, 2004

great perspective

marta_mendes - Sep 09, 2004

bsamp - Sep 10, 2004

luisa - Sep 10, 2004

excellent perspective
divor - Sep 11, 2004

this is fantastic babe!!
gato_gato - Oct 31, 2004

love the blue-red toes !
and did or didn't you spit on them?

i wouldn't stand this 'shaking' business so calmly
serial_me - Sep 09, 2005

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