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by animus on March 15, 2005


so i've found myself thinking: "i want a frock to wear to the opening..."
(though i wasn't exactly clear on what i meant by that)

today, i actually went outside all of my own volition...
(well i had run out of coffee AND snapped my rear brake cable)
and lo and behold,
in the window of a store i passed
was a frock

it's not my frock though
and it's probably going to be about 45°
so what shoes would i wear
summer sandals in april?
i think not
anyway, it seemed a little prissy and it wasn't totally flattering
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cowboy boots!
inthegan - Mar 16, 2005

something that doesn't flatter you?
i don't think so.
bruce - Mar 16, 2005

edueca - Mar 16, 2005

l - Mar 17, 2005

gato_gato - Mar 16, 2006

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