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today - 10:14 am
by neene on March 15, 2005


i do love the sun in my studio
it makes it so wonderful to be in there
but i think everyone knows that by now

i found out this morning that i need to be SUPER vigilant about staying true to what i've learned...
it is SO easy to fall back into old habits
it is SO easy to start thinking of "product" and trying to finish
instead of "process" and trying to paint

so i just stumbled forward
and painted out a whole canvas
just like i do with the little ones
out of joy
and a sense of sheer discovery

©2004-16 nina meledandri
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

gato_gato - Mar 16, 2005

heart attack


your clothes...
i love you
bsamp - Mar 16, 2005

good morning
bruce - Mar 16, 2005

the light on the skin..beautiful is all i have to say! :)
manray - Mar 16, 2005

luisa_in_response - Mar 16, 2005

so beautiful...
edueca - Mar 16, 2005

there is nothing seen that isn't light, nothing feared that isn't its absence, and you've proven that again. :)
zen - Mar 16, 2005

yes, you and light !
serial_me - Mar 19, 2005

nice to dsicover this bspot...i can feel the sun on your chin...and i id with lesson in the studio...
personal music - Mar 19, 2005

yes, you're light
bsamp - Mar 19, 2005

bsamp - Mar 20, 2005


gato_gato - Mar 12, 2006

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