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the first sign...geese
by animus on May 7, 2019


today is my mother's birthday
and i always get her lilacs
and i always photograph them
and post them...

but this morning when i woke up
they were all droopy
so this afternoon
i decided to go to the botanic gardens,
take a walk with her
and find some there,
thinking they would be in full bloom

for some reason i didn't see any,
but i did see this beautiful white tree in bloom
and even though it was not in the direction that i intended to go
i walk towards it
only to get stopped by a pond
which i need to walk around

there is this little "bridge"
or it's more like a slightly raised foot path
that the water kind of flows over
(as opposed to under)
but that you can walk across

and there are 2 ducks crossing right in front of me
and then i look to the left
and there are 2 geese swimming

my mother loved watching the geese
swim on the pond outside her window
and i realized that there was a reason that i had taken a detour
and i felt that she was truly with me

(continued on daily bread )


so idyllic..........
maximorgana - May 08, 2019

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