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first paper of the year
by animus on January 1, 2022


i have it in my head
to add pulling a piece of paper/day to my daily practice
let's see how that works out

this pulp was made from a lot of odds & ends
including the little pieces of paper
i used in santa's workshop
to figure out who was getting which
of the turmeric & lavender pieces
the names of everyone near & dear to me
are somewhere in the papers
that will be formed from this batch of pulp

also there are some simmered & stewed rose petals in the mix,
along with flax & jute
and of course
turmeric & lavender
and some butterfly pea powder

what a glorious looks like there is a little galaxy in each bowl waiting to expand out ot them..................

i can sense some names in there too............

maximorgana - Jan 02, 2022

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