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hanging on by a thread
by animus on May 1, 2022


so far
i have managed to stay current
with all my daily practices
it's not getting any easier

today i finally got a cough suppressant
last night i was up every 2 hours
we'll see what happens tonight

oh god.......cough is such a torture............i hope you have had a better night's sleep is g/ doing.......?
maximorgana - May 02, 2022

this is so lovely composed............
maximorgana - May 02, 2022

2 weeks and I'm still recovering from a terrible flu...
a gift from my birthday in the woods.

my cought sounds like an abandoned dog in the rain
- this is a brazillian idiomatic expression that i'm not sure works in english :)

bsamp - May 02, 2022

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