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stairs to the beach...point of woods
by animus on July 19, 2022


though they look similar
there is a vast difference between the 2 communities
that these 2 sets of stairs are located in,

point of woods is a "gated community"
while anyone can enter from the beach
one is discouraged from doing so
and there are fences barring unwanted access inland
from the neighboring communities

when gathering garbage on the beach
i get a particular joy
from using their public garbage cans
to dispose of it

and when i was little
our day camp used to play theirs
in swim meets & tennis meets
when these were held in point of woods,
i remember distinctly feeling like we didn't "belong"


how much can a simple wood stair separate.............

the area where i have spent the summer consists of four massive blocks of buildings two at each end of a promenade along the beach (i stayed in an apartment in one of them)..........

in the middle there is a group of duplex apartments owned by a population of northern europeans............

both the blocks and the apartments are separated from the promenade by an area of lawn and palm trees that goes all the way along the promenade...........

there you can set your towel to sunbathe, read or eat.......

there is no physical separation between areas (duplex and blocks) and they look exactly the same but everyone knew that we were not allowed to set foot in the 'foreign' area.......

so, i did the same as you..........when i needed to use a litter bin i used theirs................!

maximorgana - Aug 16, 2022

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