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I'm an Aussie living and working Thailand

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Its a beautiful day in Brighton today
By aussiebob on September 12, 2006
I have just finished organizing my trip back to Bangkok and Singapore. This time is for work reasons
I have a short term job to sort out some databases for a Singapore company in Bangkok. I will be about 30 hours per week for 3 to 4 weeks I think. Money is not great but flights accommodation is free.

I'm alive and well
By aussiebob on February 22, 2006
Hi I finally got to an internet cafe with a decent speed. they are hard to find in the country areas of OZ . I will catch up now by posting a few pics of my oz travels. Nothing spectacular mind you I've seen it all before so just the mundane I'm afraid.

Aus 2
By aussiebob on December 22, 2005
I have done little in Oz but unwind do washing and catch up with a few old friends in my home town which has been real fun except for Billy but I wont go into that.

I am spending Christmas at My siter Vicki's house in the mountains on a bamboo plantation . The prediction is for a very hot day well into the 30s may have to keep my fluid levels up Lol

After that I will be fishing then a tour south will post again after Christmas ciao

I'm In Aus now
By aussiebob on December 22, 2005
Hi sorry for no update for some time but well um i err kinda got tied up in having such a good time in Hua hin and then the hectic trip back it slipped my mind
Hua hin was great really nice and friendly lots of expat Brits and Aussies live ther with scandinavians as well. The Irish pub called Crawfords and The Johnny walker bar were my favourite haunts. I also went snorkelling horse riding and playedgolf. The water is not as clear as it was in Boracay and the sand was not as white as you will see from the pics but the waves were more substantial so That was fun. My only regret was that one morning I went for a walk on the beach and walked the 10 kms to the end where there was a big standing gold buddah on the headland and a temple full of monkeys Wat koa Takiab and I forgot my camera lol never mind its in my head.

Elephants and Crocs etc
By aussiebob on December 7, 2005
Went to Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo yesterday had a great time got some more quality time with elephants lol. Saw a croc wrestling show which was fun will post a couple of pics unfortunately could not get a ticket to the Thai opera Oh well.
I have managed to salvage fome pics from the temple tour thought I had lost them but they were on a different memory card to the one that crashed in Pattaya.

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