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Angelina's Pitt Stop?
By bad_babe on April 8, 2005

Angelina's Pitt Stop?

"It's true! The romance is on!" So proclaims Us Weekly of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who it says spent a cozy weekend together recently at a swanky Palm Springs resort.

That headline, it seems, has been inevitable from the time Pitt, 41, and Jennifer Aniston, 36, announced their separation in January, and the accompanying article details the supposedly "steamy getaway" the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-stars enjoyed over Easter weekend at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

"They were kissing and holding each other," a spy tells the magazine. "He was rubbing her back. It looked romantic."

The A-listers, who have vigorously denied persistent rumors of a relationship, were in the desert together for a W magazine photo shoot to promote their widely hyped romantic spy thriller, due out on June 10.

Us says that hours after Jolie, 29, and her cuter-than-cute kid Maddox, 3, checked into an $895-a-night "secluded" villa (under the pseudonym Bryce Pilaf, a name Brad has also used), Pitt was spied making a beeline for her room.

Unfortunately, the one amenity the deluxe desert digs doesn't seem to offer is privacy. Chatty insiders tell the mag that the pair spent most of their time in the villa, where Jolie ordered in room service (an expensive bottle of wine and a pistachio sauce-topped chocolate dessert) and had a manicure.

"They didn't leave their room much," says one hotel worker. "Nobody really saw them."

One of the scant sightings purportedly included Pitt and a bikini-clad Jolie swimming, lounging and gazing at one another by the pool.

"It's obvious they were a couple," one hotel worker blabs to the mag. Tattles another eagle-eyed employee, who apparently moonlights as a body language expert, "Brad and Angelina were definitely having an intense romantic relationship, from what I saw. They did not behave like just friends." Adds a member of housekeeping, "They make a great couple."

Pitt's rep, however, blasts the report. "This particular story is completely untrue," his spokeswoman tells Access Hollywood. "Because these tabloids are making so much money, and yes, I consider Us Weekly a tabloid, they go to great lengths to corroborate their stories, whether they are true or not."

Us stands by its story, which includes Pitt's mouthpiece dismissing the amour chatter and insisting that the stars stayed in separate rooms situated far, far apart: "Brad stayed on one side of the property and Angelina was on the other."

People also reports they had their own rooms and says they kept their distance during the photo shoot, which took place on March 25, the same day Aniston filed for divorce. "The only time Brad and Angelina came in contact was to take a picture," a source tells the magazine.

The layout, by photographer Steven Klein, captures Pitt and Jolie posing as a happily married couple amid a large brood of children, along with some sexier snaps a deux.

Meanwhile, it appears Aniston not only won custody of their Beverly Hills mansion in their still-in-the-works divorce talks, but she also got Courteney Cox.

Us says that a few days after the photo shoot, Pitt crossed paths with his estranged wife's best pal at an L.A. restaurant. "She saw him and ignored him," a mole tells the magazine.

Still, the former Sexiest Man Alive isn't letting the headlines keep him out of the public eye ... or from following Jolie's do-gooder example. On Wednesday, he joined Bono to announce the launch of One: The Campaign to Make Poverty History, which aims to raise public awareness of the problems plaguing the world's poorest countries.

"I've seen it, I've been there, and to walk away from it and turn my back makes me culpable," explained Pitt (via the AP), who appears in a public service announcement to promote the campaign. "And I can't do that."

The megastar, who visited Africa in November on a humanitarian mission (see pics of his trip at, plans to return in the near future.

Says Pitt, "This is just a beginning for me."

Lindsay Lohan (18) Christian Slater (35) ,right?
By bad_babe on April 8, 2005

Lindsay's Christian Coalition?

Is Slater wooing Lohan?
April 6, 2005

Lindsay Lohan apparently doesn't just have daddy issues -- she has subscriptions. As her incarcerated pop Michael awaits sentencing on a variety of charges, she's being linked to a veteran actor with more baggage than Mariah Carey on an extended European vacation.

The New York Daily News claims the pneumatic teen queen is "dating" Christian Slater, 35, who is not quite divorced from Ryan Haddon, the mother of his two young children.

To give the alleged romance a little perspective, Lohan, 18, was barely out of diapers when the actor hit a career high as J.D., the Jack Nicholson-voiced homicidal hottie in 1989's "Heathers."

A mole tells the paper that Slater has been hanging out on the New York set of Lohan's still-filming romantic comedy "Just My Luck," where he supposedly visited the actress in her trailer.

"They're definitely hooking up," the source insists.

Lohan's overworked rep, who recently shot down a story (since retracted) that her client got up-close and personal with 50-year-old Bruce Willis, pooh-poohs the romance report by pulling out the ol' "head of photography" defense.

"As far as I know, he did not visit her in the trailer," the mouthpiece tells the News. "He said hello to her, but I was told he was visiting the head of photography."

The actor's rep did not respond to our request for comment, but expect an adamant denial any second now.

Slater, currently earning mixed notices on Broadway in "The Glass Menagerie," filed for divorce from Haddon in February after five stormy years of marriage. Trouble spots included Haddon's November 2003 arrest for allegedly hurling at glass at her hubby's not insignificant noggin, resulting in nine stitches, and his purported propensity for socializing.

A few months before the glass-throwing incident, the National Enquirer claimed Slater enjoyed a night out in Vancouver, B.C. with Ben Affleck and Tara Reid, which allegedly culminated with him shirtless and -- how do we put this delicately? -- having some personal manscaping done on his back by a razor-wielding exotic dancer.

Slater, like Lohan's dad, also has experience behind bars. He served a couple months in the pokey following a drug- and alcohol-fueled meltdown in 1997, when he reportedly socked a female acquaintance in the face, bit a man in the chest who tried to help her, kicked a janitor in the stomach and tried to grab a cop's gun. The rehabbed star later claimed to have no memory of the incident.

None of this is likely to faze the world-weary Lohan, whom we suddenly have an overwhelming urge to hug. In recent months, she's been linked to a succession of age-inappropriate suitors, including a recent sighting with former boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, 25.

"I like older guys. It's easier for me to relate to an older guy," the "Mean Girls" starlet told the April issue of W magazine, although she was quick to dismiss whispers that she was steaming up the AARP circuit.

"People say I meet all these older men and sleep with them," she fumed. "That's disgusting. God knows where all those guys in this business have been! They should start picking on them a little more."

Meanwhile, in less icky Lohan news, the Insider reports she recently sprung for a pizza party for the cast and crew of "Just My Luck." And, in an act of generosity that rivals Angelina Jolie's humanitarian work with refugees, she urged, "Make sure the paparazzi get some pizza, too."

Justin prohibited 2 talk 2 ex?
By bad_babe on April 8, 2005
Cameron has got Justin in her hands,huh.yeah,she said dat his been talkn 2 Britney everyday for hours in da phone and now dat shes married ,Cameron prohibited Justin 2 speak 2 Brit. Ummmm, I wonder if Justin would be able 2 last with her much longer......

Wat Da Hell Would A Actor Be Doing In Antartica ,huh,Paul Walker???
By bad_babe on April 7, 2005
Antartica .......da coldest place in da world!!Don't u think Paul??? Paul has recently accepted to play a role of a National geographic reporter in which da adventure takes place in Antartica !!!!Wicked huh?We r all waitin 4 ur next movis lik Into The Blue coming soon in June 21st . And maybe The Fast & The Furious 3 . Now wat do I mean by maybe .Derz been rumours dat da maybe Paul Walker will be starring in da movi "KnightRider" and if he does ,his not goin 2 be in The Fast & The Furious 3.Well letz just Layback and c !!!!!!

Cameron Diaz.....Pocahontas???
By bad_babe on March 17, 2005
Did i hear right wat Cameron just said ?? Well I've seen girls goin 2 Halloween parties dressed up like Pocahontas but a girl dresssed up lik Pocahontas in her wedding,well now datz off limits!!!Cameron Diaz said dat when she wants 2 get married dressed up like Pocahontas. And how will Justin be ... dressed up lik John Smith????Man..will Justin accept diz???JT wat kinda gal did u run onto????

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