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by conman16x on August 6, 2003
So Very Tired

oh, that headline says it all. i am so tired its not even funny. well, it is a little funny, but not much. today was so exausting that im dreading even telling you about it.

well i got next to no sleep because the humidity here is like at 99.9%, which is insane. that should not happen anywhere ever. so then i had to get up all early and everything to go to work, which i was kind of looking forward to because i hadnt worked in a little while.

today was nothing to look forward to. i spent the majority of my day moving 90 lb. concrete blocks that were being used to build a stone retaining wall. when i wasnt doing that i was shoveling crushed rock and trying to look busy so i wouldnt have to move more blocks (im sorry, but those things are really heavy after a while).

hold on. i need to take a rest.

okay, im good now. oh, now ive lost my train of thought. ummm, i guess i should explain that photo. when i came home today i was extremely tired and went straight downstairs to lay on my bed. my camera happened to be laying bedside so i grabbed it and snapped some photos from there. i used this photo because i think it kind of illustrates how i am feeling today.

sorry that entry sucked. bad day.
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Evan (Shortass)
I love Ehrick Verge! - Aug 08, 2003

It's been 3 weeks since your last entry.....what's up with that?
Anon - Aug 25, 2003

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