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New Sidewalk
by csnyder on August 8, 2003
This was a great little scene, I wish I had audio on my camera.

As I walked by, the old guy asked, "Eh, but do you know what's going to happen if it rains this evening?"

The foreman, the one who's looking at the camera, was a bit annoyed. I got the feeling that the man had been standing there all afternoon, pestering them. "I don't know," he said, as I turned around to take their picture.

"Oh, you know," I heard the old guy say as I walked on.
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Damn old people! Just because they're retired and they have no lives of their own doesn't give them permission to harass poor foremen like that.

I really enjoyed this one. :D
mutiny - Aug 08, 2003

Oh, and I appreciate the link! :D
mutiny - Aug 08, 2003

mai! mai! mai!
Bexie - Aug 11, 2003

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