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French Countryside #3
by csnyder on August 6, 2004
Out for a walk. My camera is not the best for landscapes, but then nothing but a brush and oils is really capable of capturing the countryside around here.
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good trip dog!
paulaferrary - Aug 14, 2004

Hi, *great* pics and great initiative here on fotola.

I signed up yesterday, but unfortunatelly i cannot seem to be able to login again today. I've written about this to you, but I'd really like to fix a few things on my new fotola and can't :(

I don't even get an error message, the login page simply reloads. i've tried this from several different computers and the problems persists. Maybe you could help´me out?

My fotola is

Thanks again!
helenan - Aug 17, 2004

your photos are great....visit my fotola...take care
mofo - Aug 28, 2004

i'm having so much trouble trying to send my link to people. they can't see the photos only the text??? please help.
jaia - Sep 06, 2004

It's a gorgeous shot!
fabiana - Sep 09, 2004

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