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April Shower
by csnyder on April 7, 2006
It snowed this week, yes it sure did.
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committedtolife - Apr 08, 2006

wasn't that just the craziest thing?

literally 10 minutes bbefore, i was checking weather on line and saw it said snow and was so "that's nuts"
and then...
neene - Apr 08, 2006

hi csnyder,
fiume left a message in my fotola asking YOU for a help with his password which is not working out , so he cannot get logged in
his email is [email protected]
thank you so much
serial_mami - Jun 25, 2006

hi chris
all my links from 8/8-8/14 seem to be missing
(both neenna & animus)
some comments from those posts are gone as well
didn't know if it was a temporary thing or not
neene - Aug 19, 2006

i did add the links back
and the comments too
(the only ones that were missing seemed to be those that were there before the 15th anything later stayed)
then i noticed g_g's comment here:
which now makes sense, maybe that's when it happened...

i checked other fotolas during that period, people who usually have a lot of links, they are gone too
neene - Aug 20, 2006

hi csnyder
i'm having problems with comments disappearing off a whole series of recent entries, as well as all my favorites links have gone, similar to what neene was asking about. i was wondering if there's anything i should be doing to correct this?
welsh_wish - Aug 26, 2006

is it a bug or a featur?
(and honestly i am not being facetious...)
very often when i upload,
the order of the images from my favorites, changes
as opposed to being in the order in which i added them
(as i am used to)
actually i find it interesting to mix it up a bit
i know that a change in behavoir like that
(if unintended)
can be an indication that other things might start "breaking"
neene - Sep 08, 2006

dear Chris,
how can i deleate my fotola acoount? or crear it/remove all images i posted there? is it possible?
mofo - Sep 17, 2006

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