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By dex78 on January 14, 2004
Wishing you All the BEST for the NEW YEAR!!!!

Special wishes goes out to my SWEEET EKI!!!!

With lots of LOVE and God's Blessing!!!!

kisses* * * *

My Wish came True: The Return of the * * * *
By dex78 on December 15, 2003
my baby returned to herself!!!!* * * *

i am soooo happy for you!!!!

i thank God for me being there for you... and also for you being there for me.

i can't remember the exact time i saw the shooting star.... but it was around that same time after midnight. i was lying in bed when i got the sudden urge to take my usual walk on the roof.... when i saw it.... and made that wish!

something special has happen!!!!

merry christmas to you my sweeetheart!!!!

you have been given an early gift that i know you'll treasure.

i. too, have also been given an early gift....

you * * * *

you are a very special person....
blessed with a loving family and friends filled wth love and God's Blessings.

you have returned to you* * * *
and I... to me* * * *

Shooting Star!
By dex78 on December 15, 2003
Last night I saw a shooting star!
It has been years since I've seen one.
It must mean something!
I have heard many times "Make a wish!"
....and so I did.

The first thing that came to my mind in making this special request....
this wish....
was for my sweeetheart**** to return to herself!

It is so strange that I have a connection with this person....
who I haven't seen with my own eyes....
whose voice I haven't heard with my own ears....
whose hands I haven't held with my own....
but whose heart that beats to the same rhythm as mine.

As I gazed into the depths of the starlit night,
I could only imagine what it'll be like to be with her....
With passion warming our souls in this chilly, yet intimate night.

Return to you, my Sweeetheart!

* * * *

By dex78 on December 13, 2003
With the Christmas season in the air....

and the pressures fading....

now is the time to remember who I am and where I am coming from. * * * *

I have returned to.... ME!!!!
By dex78 on December 12, 2003
Last night as I worked furiously over my projects, I walked out of the studio to get some fresh air.

As I stood on the 3rd Floor on the stairs, I gazed up to the starlite sky and felt.... calm. For the first time, in a long time, I was relaxed.

I was myself again....
alas' i am feeling something i hadn't felt in a long time.

I have returmed to ME!!!!

* * * *

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