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How I Wish You Were Here
by flip_flop38 of Montreal, Que
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By flip_flop38 on August 7, 2008
when i look at these pictures i realize i used to be a different person. mentally also, but it feels more like i've lived three lives in the time i couldn't even have lived one. i wonder if everyone feels like that, if it's just how things go, people change, circumstances change. for some reason i always think my life is different.

By flip_flop38 on October 6, 2006
I'm in Berlin! Isn't it awesome? the capital of germany! and it's really disappointing as a city, sadly. maybe the weather plays a part in that, it's rainy, cold, and everything is gray. But the buildings are, too, and that's not only the weather's fault!!! oh well. Some of the museums were really interesting. Also, my grade is actually a lot nicer than I would have imagined. So I'm still having fun. And even if it's not pretty, it's still worth seeing. sort of. at least as a german. (the jewish museum, the gdr museum, the Reichstag...) it's just a lot of history you learn here and get to experience.

By flip_flop38 on June 22, 2006
Open Limewire, iTunes or whatever, put it on shuffle, and then the first song you hear you put in the first category. Then shuffle it to the next song for the nex category, etc.

Opening credits: Let It Be, The Beatles

Waking up: Your're All I've Got Tonight, The Cars

Average day: Mind Trick, Jamie Cullum

First date: It's About Time, Jamie Cullum (hahahaha...)

Falling in love: Have You Ever Seen the Rain, CCR

Fight scene: Norwegian Wood, The Beatles

Breaking up: Anna Begins, Counting Crows

Getting back together: Das wär's gewesen, Wise Guys

Secret love: Strawberry Fields, Beatles

The Sexy Scene: Miami2017 (Seen the Lights go out on Broadway), Billy Joel

Life's okay: All Apologies, Nirvana

Mental breakdown: Space Age Honeymoon, Cultured Pearls

Driving: I Am the Walrus!, The Beatles.

Learning a lesson: Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan

Deep thought: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, Jack Johnson

Exciting Incident: We Will Rock You, yay for Queen!

Flashback: Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite, The Beatles

Partying: Across the Lines, Tracy Chapman (depressing party...)

Happy dance: Blackbird, The Beatles

Regreting: Latin Lover, Gianna Nannini

Long night alone: Come Away with me, Norah Jones

Death scene: Radio, Wise Guys.

Um... I listen to a lot of Beatles. And I love the Wise Guys. I would choose them for my death scene anyway.

for the sake of.... something
By flip_flop38 on February 21, 2006
I felt like it was time to post something for once. Um... news: I hate my philosophy class/teacher... but I love philosophy. I enjoy singing 'Kriminal Tango' and 'Can't help falling in love' and don't think I'll ever stop (breaking randomly into song that is). I love my Dad's camera and should upload the pictures I took with it. I wish I was brave enough to ask random people if I could photograph them. I think I haven something almost like tendonitis and should not be typing. I needto charge the batteries of my camera. NOW.

By flip_flop38 on October 1, 2005
does anyone know how to make a border around your pictures without having to go into photoshop or something? is there a setting within fotola you could use?

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