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The Changeling
by garnite on March 18, 2004
Just transforming from immature to white headed adult. Traces of the dark feathers are still visible on his head.
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hi !

yes, when Fotolog is down we can always hang out here!

great portrait again!

searocket - Mar 18, 2004

looks pretty mature to moi ~~~
look at that expression!
my_world - Mar 18, 2004

wow! wonderful shot! what an amazing bird!

it has snowed here for the past three days! :P only about 6" on the ground, but still! it's supposed to be spring! i'm willing to make you and offer on your waterfront property, i'm gonna ask c if i can borrow her boat. ;)
amberwing - Mar 18, 2004

I was so glad to see an eagle in here too! This site is beginning to catch on...
cronai - Mar 21, 2004

yaay nice baldychangeling :p
impressiv bird!
hotpartypix - Mar 23, 2004

Impressive shot here! I just love your eagles! :)
brenda_guiles - Apr 24, 2004

Hi Garn,
Yes I'm here too...
This is a wonderful shot...!
denypas - Jul 22, 2004

Here...everything is working well...I'm having lots of prob with fotolog...
Thanks for visting!
denypas - Jul 23, 2004

Ola passei aki e gostei... achei seu blog legalzinho!
peço-lhe que visite e vote no mesmo pois tô participando do concurso TOP 15.
Conto com seu voto...
ELISON - Aug 21, 2004

hehe.. so, havent updated this in ages have you??? me and L posted new pics, just because. how bout you too? got any spares?? ;)
love ya!!
my_world - Sep 11, 2004

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