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Growpeace Art and Photos
by growpeace of Puna, Hawaii
We are Growpeace, a family of artists living in Puna Hawaii. Our web page is here.

We are working for peace with creativity. Check out our war sucks bumper stickers.

We are glad you are here. Hope you enjoy the art.

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Shakespeare in the park is huge laughs
By growpeace on July 25, 2005
We have been doing Twelfth Night by the Bard. It has been fabulous. Quite the amazing experience.

I have been on a media fast not taking in the news much cause I don't want to end up all sad like I was in the entry below.

Peace, Joy

The wrong guy wins
By growpeace on November 3, 2004
Worried images of a world descending into all out war and chaos.

Trying to stay cheery seems futile.

Impeachment seems our only hope.
Peace, Joy