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For Iraq Photo Project
by growpeace on October 17, 2004
Writing this with tears streaming down my face... I dare you to try to get through these photos without ending up in the same condition as me. For Iraq Photo Project

...More than 2,000 people opposing the war in Iraq, including the father of an American beheaded by terrorists, are sending Iraqis personal photos with protest messages to show "what Americans are really like."

The pictures, from all around the country, are meant to be a counterpoint to the infamous images of Americans abusing Iraqi prisoners. Each photo shows at least one sign, usually handmade. Some specifically criticize U.S. actions in the war while others simply extend sympathy to Iraqi civilians....

It touches me so deeply to see all these people trying to express their pain and shame about the war in Iraq. Trying to reach out to the human beings suffering there to let them know we are not all evil plastic flag waving tv watching zombies.

Some of us are caring thinking book reading fellow human beings that will never get over the images seared into our brains of innocent children blown to bloody bits. Poor little armless ali, the girl in purple with her foot gone, the boy with the bloody eye...all haunting our collective sleep, weighing us down with collective guilt.

I only wish I had found out about this in time for Growpeace to participate... Truly inspired idea...

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(¸.·´ (¸.·` ** Peace, Joy Paz e amor!

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