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Op Art Jerry Garcia
by growpeace on August 27, 2005
I have not updated here in way to long. I have been getting deeply into sending out blanks and postage for tradeable music from the net. Wow is it fun to hear some new Grateful Dead shows.

This island is too isolated and insulated. We could use some more live music and fun things for teenagers to do. Heck we could all use some fun here after a bit too much repression.

Also while I am on the subject our beloved island has suddenly become overrun with people moving here from the Mainland in huge droves with fancy new cars and high heels and makeup. Wow do they ever look out of place around here folks. Won't it be a suprize for them when our famous Puna Winter comes pounding down.

I find it sad indeed that a lot of them have never enjoyed a peaceful Hawaiian night even once because they moved here after the horrible noisy coqui frog infestation of Paradise. They are really screaming now here. Except for our quiet yard where a lot of hard work has paid off in blissful beautiful silence. Ahhhh, that is soooo much better.

Take it from someone who has lived through it, the Coqui frogs are one of the worst things to ever infect wonderful Hawaii.

How about Steve's writing lately, way cool huh. I am glad for all of us when he writes. He has it going on!

Peace, Joy

Do you know the artworks from Vasarely?
maur_ - Aug 27, 2005

BTW;la la la to you too...:)!
maur_ - Aug 27, 2005

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