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Harvey's fotola
by hgpayne of Poway, CA, USA
Welcome to my foto log. I love photography -- it is my #1 hobby and sometimes money maker. I shoot portraits & events for fun and profit, but landscapes, cityscapes, nature just for fun -- so far. I'll try to post a random photo I like at least once weekly here -- more if I get the time. Enjoy browsing through the photos and news. Drop me a line if so inclined. I'd love to hear what you think of my photos.

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By hgpayne on October 29, 2003
The local fires, specifically the Cedar fire have kept us busy the last few days. It seems we fared better than others as our home is still standing. The smoke still hangs in the air and makes it difficult to breathe, but basically we are OK.

Discovery of new free web host.
By hgpayne on October 3, 2003
I just discovered 500MB free web hosting. This is a promotional rate that will expire in 3 years, but for 3 years, you can have one heck of a site.

By hgpayne on October 3, 2003
I've participated in many different ways to share photos online, but I believe this new adventure into photo blogging is an entirely new angle. Let's see how often I can post a 'decent' photo for the day/week/month/whatever.

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