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following an angel
by mr_walker of sydney australia
i walk.
i take photos.
i love.
i live.
i learn.

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Mar 11, 2004
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Jan 4, 2004
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pardon the absence.
By mr_walker on March 11, 2004
i've been rather busy doing nothing lately. funny how things don't happen that way sometimes. sorry for neglecting you, fotolaville.

today i'm uploading a few from the archives, various random bits of vertical free speech from sydney. met with someone today who needs exactly this sort of stuff for a project, apparently, so i'm posting these as a small example for them (is this what you're looking for?) more in the next couple of days. hopefully. after that i think i'll show you the wonderful ganeshes of the walls of jaisalmer, in rajasthan, india. a visual feast.

still smoking up a storm, you'll be mortified to know. or amused, depending on your levels of cynicism.

reverend walls
By mr_walker on January 4, 2004
a series of religious murals in the fort district of downtown bombay (mumbai) begins here:

india is pretty casual about its religion sometimes ... not only do shiva and krishna get a showing, but on the same wall we see jesus, and i think also muhammed (tho i'm not sure).

(yes, i'm still bloody smoking.)

back from the edge
By mr_walker on December 19, 2003
pardon my absence, but i've been in india for a month. what a place! yes, i'll put some stuff up, in fact i've a whole series that I think is quite well suited for my fotola page ... soon, ok?

(and ... no, I haven't stopped smoking yet - smokes are sooo cheap in India, and you can smoke anywhere and everywhere, so i just couldn't help but live it up ... not that my lungs needed more toxins with the lovely brown bombay air, but that's the mind of a smoker for you ... fingers crossed, eh?)

this time i mean it, ok? (stop laughing ...)
By mr_walker on November 15, 2003
seriously now, i really should stop smoking.

my family history screams the fact.

grandfather: died of lung cancer.
grandmother: died of a blood clot.
aunt: died of lung cancer.
father: two heart attacks and still smoking.

did i say "screams"?

screeches, more like ... into a megaphone turned up to eleven, inches from my ear ... it wails and moans the fact, it stomps on my head and asks: "do you understand yet?" ... it grabs me by the collar and leers with stench-breath in my face ...

so here goes again ...

"it is by will alone that i set my mind in motion ..." (dune)

the old roots grow deep
By mr_walker on November 4, 2003
okay ...
it's not that easy.
depends on how determined i am
to make my life happier.

why do we make so much pain
for ourselves?

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