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5 things
by neene on March 20, 2004

it's definitely been one of those days, and... it's not over yet

here's another little exercise i do everyday; i keep a journal (written with my left hand, don't ask) of 5 things i am grateful for. sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me on this side of the line.

1. tomorrow is the first day of spring (not really feeling this one but i know it's true)

2. my breath (i write this almost every day because it's [literally & figuratively] the difference between life & death)

3. things can't get appreciably worse (duration not depth is the critical factor here)

4. of the 4 paintings i worked on today, i still can believe in 2 of them

5. i did work
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so with you
...and this image goes on my list of things to be grateful for
bruce - Mar 20, 2004

was sharing this 5 things approach with a friend today... thinking of you.
does help! glad you're productive, not missing much XX in flog (shame)
lost gato_sjoerd track... so for now
gato_gato - Mar 21, 2004

oh dear, oh dear...
gato_gato - Mar 21, 2004

i use to think of 3 things.
today *you* are one of them
l - Apr 17, 2004

from your 5 things, I usually have mine bunch too...but I do not risk 5...I keep 3 and they are much like yours 2,4 and 5 ; anything else for me is profit , a prize.
love to "read" and see you.
I can feel myself here in your writings so many times.
wish you all my best , always.
serial_me - Apr 17, 2005

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