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how far down the rabbit hole?
by neene on December 13, 2004

as hard as i've tried to integrate
i still have two seperate worlds
it's time to return to the one where i feel safest
so that i can be my strongest

i don't think of this split as something negative anymore
it's a gift i've been given
that gives me the freedom to see
©2004-16 nina meledandri
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

Do outro lado do espelho.
Sorry but I don't write in english.
albatroz_2 - Dec 14, 2004

hey, you...
any world you're in is the better for it
bruce - Dec 14, 2004

I woulD ratheR saY
youR worldS arE youR ProbleMN
i'M onLy sAyin'
thiS iS a
an sUPerIOr piC,,,,,,
i loVe iTttttT
wHaTtttT mORe tO LiFe
iS theRe?????
WorShiP G_D:
&bE HaPPy
nEEne {hONeY}
YoU'vE gotS iT maDe iN thE shaDe..................
bin_dada - Dec 14, 2004

...a whole sea of mystery ...may all your efforts be rewarded
inthegan - Dec 14, 2004

This is truly wonderful and the poem makes it mysterious and evocative.

richy - Dec 14, 2004

edueca - Dec 15, 2004

i love the picture

and i 'm still with one "umbrella" like this
because of you
bsamp - Dec 14, 2005

if this is the eastern baby...

remain there!

gato_gato - Dec 14, 2005


I am not the only archivist
and certainly not the only romantic

lucien - Dec 09, 2008

Just for fun
Marquita31Gibson - Jun 14, 2010

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