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anima/animus #5a
by neene on September 26, 2005


for the past 2 days i have been taking a yoga workshop with john friend, who founded the anusara school of yoga.

three things i learned are:

live life as a celebration
(i don't believe he actually said this, it's just what i came away with)

i can spread my toes now
(even the pinky toe, :D )

i understand a bit more why i take the pictures that i do;
it has to do with shakti
(and i am sure i am not getting this totally right, but at the time it was like a light bulb turning on)
it's the energy of the things that attracts me to them
and my desire to try to share the experience of that energy with others that makes me want to take the image
and i suppose, on some days i am more sensitive to the vibrations of shakti in the world
and on other days i simply feel that i can not see
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AbSoLutE BeaUtiFuL
PeRfeCt BaLancE
SensuaL ColoRs
iNNeR PeaCe
cAn bE/IS....
a WoNderfuL thiNg
biLLbinOBdadA - Sep 27, 2005

oh dear!
makes me want to catch up back with practicing too. eventually i will.

keep it up :*
gato_gato - Sep 28, 2005

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