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by neene on May 26, 2006

aside from being in the studio,
there are a few things,
a few situations,
that really make me feel like myself

one is walking on the beach
another is riding my bike,
especially when conditions are less than perfect

last night there were torrential thunderstorms
and i was all the way uptown
(just managing to catch the end of the whitney bienniel;
usually i go to the opening
that's how turned around things are
sorry, no pix
they were really on it this year)

i get a real feeling of satisfication when i can get someplace under my own steam
©2004-16 nina meledandri
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

and girl, you're hot!

b,t,w, i loved the link to the duchampian shadow circus.

gato_gato - May 28, 2006

oBDaDa - May 28, 2006

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