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finally at home
by neene on September 5, 2006

i am not doing a very good job of this yet
i am still trapped in all my old ways
but so many new things are happening
that i am burning out constantly

yes, it's a new phone(cam)
i don't like it as much
shitty software
not as customizable
but i now can actually receive & make calls
in both the apt. & the house
and after all
i guess that's why one has a cellphone...
©2004-16 nina meledandri
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

obdada - Sep 06, 2006

so is life meant to be

burn it out, constantly! shine the most that one can :****
gato_gato - Sep 06, 2006

good morning...
bruce - Sep 06, 2006

hey baby
i am flying tomorrow morning.
looking forward change of air though i learnt it's rather cold there.

am staying with paullo, you know, luce's friend. he's sweet.

will be posibly ably to keep things up from there but also, back here soon, at the most on saturday... let's see.

gato_gato - Sep 06, 2006

StiLL beautifuL
ThanKs foR thE WorDs oF wiSdoM!
obdada - Sep 08, 2006

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