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by neene on December 31, 2006


the last day of the year and what a treat...

we went to this little truck stop restaurant up the road with the promise of percebes which i had never heard of,
but when we ordered them we were told there were none available

we ordered fish tacos and octopus and shrimp but just as the tacos arrive
i see these fisherman down below,
walking up the rocks with buckets,

john, who after 20+ years (on & off) in mexico still does not speak spanish,
jumps up and goes to meet them in the parking lot...

we score

i guess pretty much everyone who reads this blog knows what a food freak i am
and to try something i've never had before, especially sea food, is my idea of heaven
and the weirder the better
(remember the monkfish liver?)

these were a real treat,
very similar in taste and texture to steamers
(as john says)
thoroughly addictive

yes, we remember the monkfish liver...
bruce - Jan 12, 2007

of course we have! we call them "percebes".
percebes means "do you understand" too :D
love them warm with bread and butter. the best are short and black, no orange, and no red in the shell :)))
luisa - Jan 16, 2007

oh... you call them percebes too :D
luisa - Jan 16, 2007

...and we call you our friend...
bruce - Jan 18, 2007

how lucky we are...
bruce - Jan 18, 2007

Just for fun
ComptonCathryn - Sep 25, 2010

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