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by neene on February 22, 2007
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wonder full

bom dia*
gato_gato - Feb 23, 2007

OuT oF thiS worLd
oBdaDa - Feb 23, 2007

let your anima rule!

i must shhot more, no matter what
(it's the heat i use as excuse)
museu - Feb 23, 2007

i've been meaning to respond for a while now to something you said a while back about being reluctant to "shift out of visual mode" when commenting.

i was very excited when i read this, because i've frequently felt guilty about the inarticulate quality of much of my commenting.

often, i simply transcribe what the voice of my feelings exclaims ("oh oh oh oh oh," "oh yes," "meudeus," etc.). or i use the kind of shorthand that is possible between friends ("you know..." "ymms" etc.). or kiss-emoticons and/or hearts.

or, increasingly on flickr, i just fave the image.

your little note was very affirming to me and helped me reframe my responses as perfectly valid...just in a different (semi-nonverbal) category.



and obrigado...

bruce - Feb 23, 2007

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