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by neene on March 14, 2007


this whole process makes it pretty impossible to escape where i was a year ago

so i am painfully aware that i have been basically without a studio for a 12 months now
and i also know it will be at least another 6 months before this is remedied

i went to see the joan snyder show at betty cunningham today;
a bittersweet experience
the work is so incredible, so pure and so rich
but it makes the loss of my own process ever so much more difficult

these watercolors are my only anchor

©2004-16 nina meledandri
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

but, i bet you realize that pauses are fundamental too. i know this one for you feels way looong, for somebody with such discipline,,,
i like to think that when i am not up to it in the physical healm, i am processing inside no matter what.
so, this is another sort of process.

lovely anchors, keep'em up!
gato_gato - Mar 15, 2007

oh, how great is joan's work!
i haven't seen many shows lately
i became sort of art-sick :((
gato_gato - Mar 15, 2007

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