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by neene on May 18, 2020


how stupid,
when g/ finally reached his doctor's office this afternoon
they made it clear he needed to be seen,
the mention of "losing a limb"
(totally unnecessary and inappropriate)
threw us both in a panic
even though we knew
that there was no way his wound has progressed that far.

we called an uber
and off we went to the hospital in lower manhattan that g/ likes
because their ER is never that crowded,
his doctor had called ahead
and there was a doctor waiting for him.

we get there
and of course
only he can go in...
because it's life in the time of corona
and you can no longer accompany someone into the hospital
they wouldn't even let me sit inside

it seemed futile to wait
so i found a citibike
and rode home...

everything is such an odyssey these days............and such an oddity too................anyway i am happy to hear hat g/ was properly looked after............
maximorgana - May 19, 2020

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