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new compost box
by neene on May 20, 2020


as part of NYC's cost cutting efforts during the pandemic
there is no more compost drop off at the greenmarkets

even though i have a rotating compost bin on the deck
and an in ground one in the garden
i can't handle all the waste we produce
this is partially because,
before the scraps go into the garden,
they basically have to be broken down
past the point of being "food"
for r-a-ts

the solution is to implement 3 tier (instead of 2) composting:
i start things off on the deck,
once that situation gets full,
i move the decomposing matter to a covered worm box
and one the worms have gotten it past a delectable consumable state
the almost compost goes into the pile in the garden
until it is ready to harvest

enter the worms...

i had no idea that making compost was so complicate.......also was so unaware of how inconvinient rats can be...............
maximorgana - May 21, 2020

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