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yesterday's smoke
by neene on June 8, 2023

so we are getting the smoke from canada's wild fires
and yesterday we had the worst air quality of any city in the world
i have all the windows shut
and the a/c on
and the air filter going
i have a headache, burning eyes & a scratchy throat
it's messing with my head

the worst of it is that chris is in town
we are supposed to have dinner tonight
it will be the first time i have seen him in a year
i hope we can keep our plans

this looks just like when we have sandstorms coming from the north of africa.............

sounds much more dangerous for health though........

and the painful.............
maximorgana - Jun 09, 2023

remember this...........?
maximorgana - Jun 09, 2023
maximorgana - Jun 09, 2023
maximorgana - Jun 09, 2023

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