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LiFe/LoVe iS iNfiNiTe !!!
Monday, March 17, 2008 a 3:43pm
By obdada
noun chiefly Logic
a sequence of reasoning or justification that can never come to an end.

CoLoR starTs aT BlaCk
CoLoR StaRts aT WhiTe
LiFe iS aLL thE CoLoRs iN BetweeN.......

GraNdMoTheR iS anoTher teRm foR NONfiniTe

NoiSe oF thE TraSh TrucK..

FouL oDoR oR bLoSSoM PerfuMe.
WhicH eVeR/WhaTeVeR
GoD SaVe ouR SouLs..

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