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OOOhhhh mY GooDneSS
By obdada on July 4, 2009
iT HaS bEEn a wHOLe YeaR siNce i maDe a NoTe heRe...
i caN'T beLieVe iT!!!!!
BuT ThE TruTh iS HeRe tO See.....
sTiLL>>>One DaY aT a TiMe..<<<iS mY MaNTRa
ThaT's aLL wE aRe requiReD/aLLoWeD~~~~~
EverYthiNg iS iN GOD's HANDs/ HIS WiLL wiLL BE DoNe,,,
i oNLy praY foR HeaLtH aNd CoNtinuiTy oF tHe PeaCe
i aM BLeSSeD wiTh/aT
i knOWW oNLy ThrougH HIS BLOOD mY SiN iS waSheD aWaY
aNd i aM FrEE fRoM tHe CuRsE oF DeaTh aNd HeLL.

ALL iS GooD!!!!!
By obdada on July 4, 2008
aS tHe WorLd iS TurNiNg
i'M taKinG oNe DaY aT a TiMe..
DepreSSioN iS an eVeR PreSeNT DanGeR
BuT tHe SoNLighT keePs aWaY tHe DarKneSS...
i oNLy striVe tO eaT whaT maKeS mE HeaLthY==
No SaLT oR FaT..
aNd a LiMiT oF 2,500 caLorieS a DaY..
a VeRy difficuLT taSk iN iTseLf....
GOD, i LoVe YOU...

ToDaY oN tHe 4th oF JuLy--
I pRaY foR ouR NaTioN aNd aM ThaNkfuL thaT GOD saW fiT tO haVe mE boRn wheN aNd WheRe i waS......
o,K aNd NoW, SWEET PERFECT JESUS, i'M reaDy tO gO (cOMe) hOMe....

By obdada on March 23, 2008
BroKe mY hearT.
BuT mY SouL wiLL Go oN
I wiLL NeVeR sToP LoVinG YoUuuuuuu,
JEsuS mY ChrisT

LiFe/LoVe iS iNfiNiTe !!!
By obdada on March 17, 2008
noun chiefly Logic
a sequence of reasoning or justification that can never come to an end.

CoLoR starTs aT BlaCk
CoLoR StaRts aT WhiTe
LiFe iS aLL thE CoLoRs iN BetweeN.......

GraNdMoTheR iS anoTher teRm foR NONfiniTe

NoiSe oF thE TraSh TrucK..

FouL oDoR oR bLoSSoM PerfuMe.
WhicH eVeR/WhaTeVeR
GoD SaVe ouR SouLs..

By obdada on March 8, 2008
I aM..
NoW NothinG tO dO /no responsibiLitieS
eXcepT eaT righT
tO/ foR thE GLorY oF GoD....
MaKe aRT

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