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These pictures serve as a way for me to show my artistic side, and keep in touch with people I care about far away. Take a look around...

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Bad News Bears
By pixie_dust92 on September 26, 2006
Arundel. Wilderness Camping. September 30th - October 2nd. Mass hysteria when the bears come into my shelter and gnaw at me. It'll make a great story. Damn Orienteering though. Can anyone say camp stove fire?

Dawson College Shooting
By pixie_dust92 on September 13, 2006
Dawson College will stay strong and we will never forget. We're a great college, with great students, and the police and everyone involved did a terrific job. My thoughts are with everyone who is in the hospital.

Cloud nine
By pixie_dust92 on August 8, 2006
Hi all. I had the best 2 days on Friday and Saturday with my extended family. I didn't realize how badly I needed to reboost my batteries and decompress until I spent time with everyone at my aunt's cottage and my other aunt's house. THOSE were the summer days I was talking about last entry. ;D

Lazy days of summer
By pixie_dust92 on August 3, 2006
Well, not so much lazy as stressful. But whatever. It's easy to see that I haven't really been updating throughout the summer, I kinda just did one mega-update now. It's obvious I love photographing flowers. In other news, I go back to school in 18 days. Where did my summer go? I went to school, then I waited for summer, then I worked in the summer, now I'll go back to school. Where are my summer days?!

By pixie_dust92 on July 5, 2006
So I saw Jamie Cullum at the Jazz Fest on Monday night...I'm in love. Well, I was before, but now multiply that by 1000. That guys is perfection. And a musical genius!

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