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Four Corners Squared
by ridingduo of Grand Junction, Colorado
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What a Mistake!
By ridingduo on January 19, 2008
I don't know how to say this, but I think we've made a big mistake.

We burst out of our bubbles up there in Western Colorado in order to come here to Albuquerque to start new lives again.

Sure it's neat being in a big city again, but I'm not so sure this is the one I want to spend any more time in.

Traffic sucks, there's SO much daily violence, my job at Eclipse has turned into a joke...but we DO love our new home.

Oh yeah, the weather's fine too...except for it being Winter...that sucks.

I want to go back, or somewhere else.

What to do?

Here it comes!
By ridingduo on November 27, 2006
We've been having a slew of good weather, lows near freezing and highs topping off at 60.

Freakin weather people say it's gonna drop like a rock...and snow!

I hate Winter.

(read) hate

News Flash!
By ridingduo on October 22, 2006
Blogger discovers how to enter news!

Flag is raised!

Constitution re-written!

World saved!

More to follow...