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by serial_mami on April 26, 2006
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lovely & mysterious
animus - Apr 26, 2006

so slowly
smokes and rises
warm burning incense
ashes fall

Haiku: gfdwyer 2006

Hope all goes well. Yes I saw my ownpatch of blue from the air as well: check latest
gfdwyer - Apr 26, 2006

Magical ...
elv - Apr 26, 2006

what a beauty!
gato_gato - Apr 26, 2006

many questions to my stuffed rabbit picture...I don´t know if hound dogs get to know the difference between a rabbit and another animal but they are allowed hunting only in places where there just rabbits on the loose...........
the rabbit thing really least my father can make it work......
I don´t really know which of both the prey is......I image gthat both of them.........well thanks for all your notes and questions that I hope have been answered properly.........and thanks for your nice pics as well.....XXXXXXXXX
maximorgana - Apr 26, 2006

so mystic...i love it!!
big hugs from helsinki and lots of spring energies :)
poetisa - Apr 28, 2006

Thanks so much for your lovely greeting. Your wish for good luck is much needed since I have been having little but trouble from my digital camera--one of the reasons for my absence from Fotola. It's good to be back and to enjoy the range of exciting imagery--including, of course, yourrs!
elbrozzie - Apr 30, 2006

Divinamente delicada , como el aroma que desprende.
andreu - May 02, 2006

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