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by serial_mami on October 19, 2006

Jurujuba fisherman's wharf
Rio de Janeiro

©2004 jkossatz, all rights reserved

Esta guapa esta serie dedicada a la pesca de bajura
andreu - Oct 20, 2006

muto legal!

sim, vale a pena ver o eichbauer
gato_gato - Oct 22, 2006

that reflection you asked about is not me or my´s part of the pic..................
maximorgana - Oct 22, 2006

Yes, our world is truly beautiful! I waited a long time for that spot of light. Sometimes the perfect moment presents itself, and sometimes you wait, then walk away without clicking the shutter. Whether you capture an image or not, photography is a way to truly see the beauty that surrounds us. The swirl of water in the foreground is perfect!
watermark - Oct 22, 2006

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