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~Green Anole #3~
by sparkyleigh on October 16, 2003
The male anole will stake out a territory and fight with any male that tries to enter. Later I may scan-in some battles showing this. Here is a male on the left working closer to a female in his territory in hopes of mating. They are perched 30 feet, 10 metres, in the air on the top of an umbrella tree.
The following picture is of another pair mating.
Leigh R. Hilbert

The last boat I built was a combination salmon/log salvage boat, and would do a little over 30 knots stripped down. When I saw a group ;of whitesides, I'd open it up and head towards them. They'd turn to the noise, and meet me half way. Even flat out for me, they never seemed to be at their limit. They damn near fly. One of the real highlights of playing on the water. We are into storm 3 tonight, I think we're going to pay big time for that summer. Hope you don't run out of sun screen, you poor devil.
garnite - Oct 16, 2003

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