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SparkyLeigh's Photographs
by sparkyleigh of Hawaii/BC Canada
Photography has been my life passion.
Thanks to Chris Snyder we can share photos and stories on here.
I primarily take pacific West Coast wildlife shots but now live in Hawaii so I'm getting new tropical images too. I have started my photo log with Hawaii first and will slide into an array of wildlife and other images very soon.
Hawaiian Series begins here
I shoot 35mm SLR color transparencies, I do not digitally enhance my photos other than minor clean up--what you see is the original--(except for the few obvious ones I have layered another image into)
I use several cameras and lenses: my favorite is a Canon EOS ELAN-II with a 75-300mm zoom EDIT:(Traded it for a Canon EOS 20D--Love the digital world!). I loved my old Pentax Spotmatic! I dumped my 2 1/4 long ago but now have a pile of negs and no scanner for them!
The underwater shots are from a 'Sea & Sea'--goofy name but good camera.

For those of you who are looking for my recent photos, I am SparkyLeigh on

Thank you for your comments!

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By sparkyleigh on June 1, 2007
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Is where I can be found everyday

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If you are looking for may latest photos look up SparkyLeigh on
By sparkyleigh on August 15, 2005

A year already and no new photos!
By sparkyleigh on November 27, 2004
I have been on Fotolog and Flickr but never finished this one as I meant to...Oh well--If you like what you see here, find much more here:

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