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by t3knomanser of Albany, NY
All images done using the GIMP.

If you like anything here, then visit my store and get swag. If there's some image here that you'd like on an item and it isn't listed there, let me know, and I can custom make it for you.

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Aug 25, 2004
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100th Photo
By t3knomanser on December 19, 2003
Amazing... 100 photos added as of today. I feel downright prolific. And as of today, my cafepress store has sold... nothing. Not counting the lunchbox I bought for Cate.


New Stuff
By t3knomanser on November 22, 2003
So yeah, I'm cranking out some new art, as part of my Lapine Cerebral Cogitations iniative; ie. let's get a website up and try and land some web-design work.

The LCC site is up and running, and the art page has some of my most recent posts here. Of course, I mirror the links from here, so I don't have to upload images to two different places; besides, this site provides nice browsing features. Think of it as my way of pimping Fotola.

It's been a long time...
By t3knomanser on August 21, 2003
I haven't posted an image for nearly a month! That's intolerable. Let's see if I can get back up to a reasonable output level here...

Store update...
By t3knomanser on May 14, 2003
My store has been updated, the product line expanded, and I've even taken out a few ads. So schway. Go, visit, look at the neet shit, and enjoy.

I already ordered a lunch box, you should get some mugs, we'll have a picnic!

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