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t3knomanser's fotola
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by t3knomanser on September 30, 2003
The How to: Well, first I took the shot and hypersaturated it; the colors were already very vivid, and I wanted to bring that out. After that, I used a colormap rotation to shunt the blues into reds, which is how the lichen on the tree turned red. Then, with the color sampler, I sampled a red I particularly liked out of the red leaf under the tombstone. Amusingly, it's the same shade of red that my Trillian skin uses for my buddylist. I made a new layer set to that color, and set the layer combination to "color". So that red color overlayed all of the others. After playing with transparency, I got a balance I liked, and there you have it.
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Simple as that then! Great image and colour.
richy - Oct 09, 2003