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Florence: My Savior
By uhmanduhkay on October 15, 2006
On Friday morning I couldn't find my student id. Then someone said, "ooh can i look at your photos on your camera?" So of course I say yeah sure. But then she gasps and says omg is your screen broken. Wahh! So I had cherry yogurt from my fridge for breakfast, and a toasted hummus and sweet jalapeno sandwich from Florence's appt for lunch, no camera for the rest of my life, and I couldn't open my mailbox. But then Florence saved my day, and after like half an hour she opened my mailbox when I was talking to my mom, and then found my id card in like 3 seconds in a place that I checked very thoroughly. It turns out it was on my desk but then slid off, upright, in between my bed and desk. Then we watched more House, and her mom drove us to Safeway for groceries. Thanks Florence!

By uhmanduhkay on June 1, 2006
oh you guys! it was just 11:11 as i looked at the clock. and i was thinking omg! omg! it's 11:11! omg it's 11:11--quick--make a wish, Amanda! and then just as i thought that, it was 11:12.

By uhmanduhkay on October 21, 2005
so i did put up the farm photos
but i still have more
like that bunny
it's just soo cute!

ahhhhh what should i dress up as for halloween?

fotola again
By uhmanduhkay on September 9, 2005
so my mum got a new camera
but she doesn't use it
b/c her hand shakes too much
and everything gets fuzzy
so to put that camera into good use
i use it now

By uhmanduhkay on July 9, 2005

why was 08 afraid of 07?
b/c seven ate nine!!
hahaha....not funny b/c it's 05

just wanted to say:

i finally understood that my dad was being really negative about me not passing my drive test, and me driving by myself b/c he realizes that means im growing up, and he doesnt want that. silly dad!

so it turns out that im not insured for the car that i really, really wanted to drive: my uncle's black bmw from the 80s (the one w/ the push button windows, sun roof, and newly put in cd player), and the one thats wasting away in our carport b/c my uncle is in this country like a week every year. so i can only drive my mom's silver car, the one that EVERYONE has. im ok with that, because it's a CAR that I can drive! and also b/c it turns out that the city offered my uncle money in exchange for the car b/c of environmental issues, but my uncle's really attached to it, so he said no. and if the city offered that much money for it, what can i do to get him to sell it to me? and then pay for insurance after that? oh well: i can drive!!!!!!!

zoom zoom! va va vroooom!! ...............????......combustion?

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